Thursday, February 24, 2011

Miniature Llamas for Sale

Finally, I have a computer again but I've been way too busy this winter trying to keep all the snow moved and the llamas taken care of to spend much time updating things here. It's been a winter just like last winter with 8 foot drifts common around the farm. There has been several days that we've been snow bound here at home because the road is drifted shut for nearly a half mile west.
I have been spending some time on the many snowy days cleaning up some of the fleece that we sheared off of the llamas last spring. It take a lot of time but really looks nice when it's done. I want to get it spun into yarn and maybe Shirley can knit it into a scarf or something. That could be kind of fun.
I have been able to sell a couple of llamas over the winter. Of course no one wants to come get them until spring but that's OK, I sure can't blame them for that. I'll take good care of them until the weather gets better.
I have also listed a few of our miniature llamas for sale on another website I found. Click on the following link to go to the section where they are listed;
There I have more details about each of them, along with the asking price. Check it out, you'll find the prices hard to beat, especially for mini llamas.
Thinking about raising your own llamas? Contact me about putting together a package including a male and unrelated females that you can use to start your own herd of miniature llamas.

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